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21 day Fix Workout Regime



Most of us have only been dreaming for the most part of our lives for a sexy and fit physique. However, now all our wildest dreams (strictly fitness related) are about to come true with the 21 day fix workout regime. This 21 day i.e. 3 weeks fitness program is designed for all men and women who are motivated to work hard to achieve their ideal body goal! In this article, we bring you all the highlights of the 21-day fix fitness workout plan. Hopefully, after going through this review, you will be able to shed off the extra body weight loss protein with a very interesting workout schedule!

About the 21 day fix fitness


Autumn Calabrese is the genius mind behind the amazing 21-day fix and 21 day fix extreme fitness plans. Thanks to her, hundreds of people have been able to shed off major body fat and be able to get into perfect body shape! Autumn Calabrese, herself is a single mother of three children, but she does not look an age over her twenties! She is a fitness enthusiast and has designed this amazing fitness program for everyone who is motivated to work hard!

21 Day Fix Workout Plan

The 21 day fix workout plan is comprehensive and well laid-out. In addition to being super effective, it has been made sure that people do not get frustrated with the same moves over and over again for 3 weeks. Therefore, some exercises have been made a part of the workout plan. Here is a general breakdown of the workout plan.

Breakdown of the workout plan

There have been many 21 day fix reviews that highlight, undeniably, a very important aspect of the 21 days fix fitness – its workout plan! The workout has been divided into 6 categories. Every workout has to be done on an alternative day of the week, and this routine has to be religiously followed for at least 3 weeks for desired results! The purpose of breaking down the workout plan into six categories is:

  1. To make sure that each and every part of the body is individually targeted
  2. People do not get bored of following the same monotonous workout regime for 21 days straight

Workout DVDs


For the convenience of the users, people get a pack of 6 DVDs. Each DVD is dedicated to one workout and lasts for 30 minutes. In addition to the 6 basic workouts, you will also get a bonus workout DVD; named the dirty workout. This workout is just a ‘bonus’ and not mandatory to follow.

  1. Total body cardio

This workout boosts the body’s metabolism and keeps it running high throughout the day.

  1. Upper body fix

Upper body includes working on the upper body muscles such as back, shoulders and obliques.

  1. Lower body fix

This targets the lower body parts and starts cutting through the stubborn at layers to get results as early as possible.

  1. Pilates fix

Pilates helps the body to lose weight by working on the core muscles.

  1. Cardio fix

Cardio fix includes all exercise that will get your heart racing.

  1. Yoga fixscreenshot_1

Yoga is also a great way to allow your muscles to heal and recover after working out.