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21 Day Fix Container Guide to Help you Understand Better



The 21 day fix fitness program has been designed by Autumn Calabrese to help everyone who is struggling to lose weight. We all know that losing weight can be a real struggle. Even at times when we feel completely hopeless and miserable; we have to keep pushing! However, this fitness program has been super effective and fruitful for hundreds of people all around the globe. Nevertheless, the 21 days fix meal plan is the real and toughest challenge of the 21 days fix fitness program.



21-day fix fitness emphasizes on portion control

The key to the nutrition of 21-day fix is portion control. It is a known fact that no workout is sufficient enough to give you 100% fitness results until you incorporate a healthy diet plan into your daily life routine as well. This is why the 21-day fix fitness program is all about striking a balance between healthy eating and staying physically active! A very interesting facet of this fitness program is its 7 colorful containers.

These containers are your best friend for 3 weeks! You are not allowed to be disloyal and eat out of anything else but these containers. But, these little friends are empty when you get them. So how do you fill them up? In this article, we bring you the ultimate 21 day fix container guide to help you better understand how it all works.

30a9a0_276e3f763cfc4521acd094b12bdc8da1Understanding the containers!

The 7 containers come along with the 21-day fix fitness program. There are 7 containers, but only 6 colors since the smallest two are of the same color.

  1. Green Container

The green container is for the leafy vegetables. Vegetables are a rich source of minerals and vitamins. You will have the option to eat them raw, par-cooked or fully cooked.

  1. Purple Container

The purple container is the second largest and is intended for the fruits. The 21-day fitness plan encourages the intake of fruits less than vegetables because fruits have natural sugars. Therefore, it is advisable only to consume a controlled quantity of fruits. Except for banana, almost all fruits are part of the purple container.

  1. Red Container

The red container is for the protein. Protein plays a crucial role in helping to shed fat and gain lean muscle. There are countless protein options to choose from including skinless chicken, sardines, tuna flakes, and red meat.

  1. Blue Container

The blue container is for the good carbs that can be consumed in the form of sweet potatoes and Yam.

  1. Yellow Container

The yellow container is dedicated to the healthy fats such as avocado and cheese.

  1. Orange Container

The orange container is though the smallest, but there are two of them! One orange container is for the dressings while the another one is for the little snacks. This is only to add flavor and color to your bland meals.

21 day fix results are guaranteed if you stayed motivated and dedicated to the fitness program for 3 weeks. No cheats! No shortcuts! Only 100% hard work!