21 Day Fix Reviews & Results | How to Lose 30 Pounds In 3 Weeks

Are you facing the obesity problems or are you overweight according to your age? It is best to lose weight at the right time instead of facing any health issue in the future. The weight issues are increasing in the world. People are not well aware of the healthy choices; they have to make for their meals. The process of losing weight is tough. You have to determined and focused on Crazyfigure losing weight. The process is time-consuming and you need to exercise intensely for the long-term results. If you want to shed off the extra pounds with the dynamic program, then 21-day fix shakeology program is very optimal. Read the 21 days fix reviews and results.

21 Day Fix: Best Solution:

The people who seek help from the internet to lose weight or find diet plans may achieve short-term results. They can lose some pound but gain weight instantly when they get back to their routine. Every physique is different, and there are specific techniques which work efficiently. Only one diet plan does not operate for every body type. However, the 21-day fix fitness program is the best and the optimal solution. It is getting popular day by day because of the useful results. You will get the results within 3 weeks. The plan is safe and secure to use. So read the details comprehensively.

Review of 21 Day Fix Fitness Program:

Hey, I am Chris. I am a sales person and have to make a deal by providing door to door service. I use a motorbike for the sale service. Last year I was hit by a car. The serious accident broke my leg and hip bone. I ended up with surgery and doctor advised me to complete bed rest for 6 months. With the short time, I gained at least 10 kg. I was unable to fit into my favorite jeans. I was not able to walk or cannot perform any exercise. I got depressed because of my condition. However, one of my friends who visited me advised me to follow the 21 day fix extreme fitness program.


I placed the order and started with the plan instantly. I just followed the 21-day fix meal plan which helps me to lose 5kgs. Later on, as I recovered, I started the easy workout moves which transformed my body. I am fit now. The plan I followed showed long-term results, and I am still following the container diet. The diet plan results in speedy recovery because I was getting the full nutrients and healthy fats which were advised by the doctor.

The plan is surely worth a try for the efficient weight loss. It is the comprehensive fitness plan which is designed especially for the people who wants to lose maximum weight in less time. It is easy to follow and very healthy.


Suggested Idea of The 21 Day Fix Fitness Program:

The program has been proposed by the mother of two children who is the expert trainer and nutritionist, Autumn Calabrese. The young lady understands the problem of the working mother who did not find constant time to keep themselves fit and active. The expert trainer has introduced the 21 day plan after the advanced research. She experimented the program on herself and achieved great results in minimum time. The plan is regardless of gender, age and people because it is natural and based on the combination of exercises and healthy diet. You will surely achieve the efficient results. So stay committed and be a happy user.

Features of the Fitness Program:

The 21-day fix diet reviews are real and genuine. The customers provide the reviews according to their experience and the features of the program. The fitness program will assist you to lose up to 30 pounds in 3 weeks. After using the program, you will be able to observe the results within a week. Just remember that every body type is different and the achieved results will vary from person to person. The program will surely show weight loss up to 30 pounds. There are various factors which affect the results such as age, gender, BMI, metabolism rate and various other factors. Check out the detailed video below which explains the advantages associated to make the healthy choice in life. Get a clearer idea of the video. So be satisfied by reading the relevant user reviews which were tried and tested to ensure the healthy and lifetime results.

Get Optimal Results:

The internet and the online resources are full of different diet plans and encourage the crash diets. Just remember that the crash diets and diet plans which are not adequately designed can affects the health. They cause serious health issues and does not provide reliable results. You will gain weight within a week after leaving the diet plan. The results of the 21-day fix plan are long term. You will be able to adopt healthy changes in your life. So stay motivated and concerned. Take the 21-day challenge and transform yourself by making healthy choices in your life such as eating plans, physical activity to stay active. The primary purpose of the regime is to stay healthier by following the fitness plan. The more youthful style of living is permanent and long-term. Check out the Results

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Base Kit of 21 Days:

After placing the order, you will get the 21-day fix base kit. The base kit involves a comprehensive and detailed nutrition guide. It consists of the complete plan which will assist you in every manner. You will learn to change your habits by adopting the healthy meal plan. The base kit contains:-


  • Guide for 21 days
  • DVDs for workout plans
  • Simple basic regime
  • Portion control 21 day fix containers

Workout Plans in DVDs:

Losing weight also involves the workout plans and exercise moves. It does include the relaxation techniques which develops a sound mind, essential for the sound body. You have to stay consistent to lose weight. This fitness program contains the set of DVDs. These DVDs guides the user to follow step by step exercise manual for the safe and quick results. You just have to take out 30 minutes from your busy life to perform the workout. Following are the practices included in the DVDs.

  • Body Cardio:Body cardio acts as the best workout which targets all the muscles in the body. The entire body will be in movement and helps to boost the metabolism. You have to increase your stamina by running. The core strength will develop with time.Upper and lower body fix:The workout program for the upper and lower body is entirely different. The top body fix exercises target the muscles such as shoulders, back and obliques. They increase the metabolism and burn the fat efficiently. The core exercises burn the stubborn fat in layers and strengthen the muscles.


The lower body exercises focus on the buttocks, thighs, hamstrings and lower abdomen. Most of the stubborn fat stores in the lower body area. It is great to focus on the stubborn fat as soon as possible. The lower body fat takes the time to shed off and most of the weight loss from the lower area. You will get the results within a week if you follow the right postures and style.

  • Cardio:

For the effective weight loss, it is important to speed up the heartbeat. The increased heartbeat stimulates the weight loss. It is best to have the accelerated heart rate. This will pump the blood faster in the body, stimulates the weight loss, melt the body fat faster and the body will function better.

  • Pilates:

In the Pilates exercise, you will work on the core muscles. These core muscles increase the strength and stamina. By performing the Pilates exercises, your muscles will get stiff and develop stronger. They get resistant and will be able to work on endurance. The Pilates exercises work with all the combination of activities along with the body fat layers.

  • Yoga:

Yoga is one of the relaxation techniques which is important to maintain the flexibility in the body. It works with both psychological as well as spiritual benefits. The results achieved with yoga are great and practical. You can also try other relaxation processes along with yoga, which includes meditation and various other techniques. After practicing yoga, you will get more active physically and mentally. It is an excellent way to heal the muscles and recover the normal state after working out


How Does Portion Control Help?:

Portion control is also a unique and a fantastic idea to promote the weight loss. With the help of 7 colorful containers, available in different sizes assists the weight loss process. The containers prove to be a great help for the portion control. The 7 different types of containers limit the intake of the calories and help you to learn the control. Now you do not have to measure the food every time while eating. Just cut the food and put it in a container and you are done. These boxes are portable and can be packed for the office purposes. You will inevitably end up with a happy tummy while eating a full container. The following are the types and colors of containers used for the portion control. Make a healthy choice.


  • Green container is used for the green veggies. Make sure that the vegetables you use must be fresh which include cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, carrots and various other.
  • The purple container is of the fruits. You just have to fill up the container so use your favorite fruit to enjoy eating.
  • Red is for proteins and it includes chicken, meat, mince, fish and other supplements.
  • The yellow container is for carbs. Even though the container is small but depicts, that carb is essential for the weight loss. They provide energy to cells and keep you energized.
  • Blue container is to get the optimal amount of healthy fats. Fats are essential to keep you full and fresh whole day long. You simply cannot spend the day by starving.
  • Last, there are 2 orange containers used for the salads and dressing purpose. You can add flavor to the meals by using best dressing.

With all these containers, you will also get shaker. You can have the right amount of water, juices or protein shake to fill up your body with the essential nutrients. Make sure that the drinks you take must be without sugar and cream.

Things to Avoid:

21-Day fix fitness program focuses on making the healthy choice for eating. With the alarming rate of weight problems and obesity, it is better to understand and make changes in life as soon as possible; asmost people still ask that what they would need to fill up the container. Don’t use these containers for fried fish, cheese or burgers. You are restricted to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The complete guide and the nutrition book will be provided to you. The book contains all the choices which you can make to fill up the container. To get the optimal results, you have to follow the guide correctly along with the exercises. For the results, 21-day meal plan is essential to accelerate the weight loss. Instead of adding the body fat, eliminate it from your life.

Process of 21 Day fix Fitness Program

It is important to understand how the fitness program works. Just trust the program and it will provide the efficient result to you.

7 days:

The plan does not include any cheat days or break. You have to follow the plan consistently to lose weight up to 30 pounds. When you place the order for the 21-day fitness program, basically you are signing in for the challenge. At any cost, you have to complete the schedule. The 7 days a week program means that you will be following every essential guide and plan to lose weight. The task will prove to be challenging but stay consistent and lose weight.

Changing lifestyle:

The 21-day fix meal plan includes the changing of meal or diet plans. The meal included or recommended by the nutritionist is entirely based on fulfilling the needs of the person. The foods mentioned in the guide book helps to keep you full, and allows you stay active and energized for the whole day. These foods are not so expensive and can easily be available in your home. However, you can customize the plan by mixing the containers together which you intake. The proper guidelines are mentioned in the book. You have to cut down all the artificial sweeteners, sugar products and limit the carbs for the best results.

30 minutes daily:

You will be amazed to read the 30 minutes daily heading. It is fitness workout program which is included in the fix fitness program. From your busy routine, you have to take out the time and perform some drastically intense workout exercise. These activities are great and help to boosts the strength and stamina. No cheating or relaxation is allowed in the exercise program because it is the only feature which stimulates and promotes the weight loss. This will help to shed off the extra pounds and contributes to maintain the weight with the dedication, determination, and commitment you show.

Golden rule:

The key you have to follow is the golden rule of 7 containers.It is the heart of program which is designed and portion proposed after the advanced research. The plan is implemented and tested on various people and has shown amazing results. It works for every type of body but shows results according to the amount of body fat. The plan is the golden key rule for the long term weight loss. The process will keep the weight maintain for the long run and also proves to be the systematic approach.

There are diet plans which promote weight loss by starving and eating less. Time will come when you will feel weak and unable to perform your daily chores. The starving process leads to weight gain when you start eating more. The process of portion control is slow, but it will develop your habit of eating in the limit. With the help of containers, you will learn the amount of intake your body eats. Eating smaller portions multiple times is better and proves to be healthier. According to the research people who eat five times a day lose weight instead of those who starve.

Get The Efficient 21- Day Fix Results:

It is hard to believe that people get the best diet plan at reasonable price. However, the program also promotes a healthy way to lose weight. So, it is best to try the program now. It works for everyone.

Shed the stubborn fats now and order your 21-day fitness program.