21 Day Fix Meal Plan Guide – Beachbody Workout Program

Is your wedding coming up or you have party to attend? You are seeking ways to look slim and great, then follow the 21-day fix meal plan. It is a fitness program which allows the users lose weight in a healthy manner. You will be able to lose almost 60 pounds in just three weeks, which will surely allow you fit in the perfect dress. The program is optimal and safe to use. You just have to follow the easy diet plan and make the right choice while selecting the food. Find out how you can make the efficient choices for the weight loss


21 Day Fix Meal Plan:

There are many online sources which guide the people who want to lose weight. They let you starve and provide intense exercises which lead to serious health issues with time. It is best to lose weight in a healthy way. The 21-day fix meal plan does not let you starve either you have to follow the crash diets. The proposed meal plan will control the portion, which will limit the calories. The base program allows the user monitor the intake in an intelligent way by using the different colored containers. The proper guideline will be provided to the user to fix the intake of the calories. Each container will let you fix the number of calories. There are seven containers in various colors which you have to use for 21 days.

The guidebook will assist you in making the right and healthy choice accompanied with the 30 minutes of workout. It is the perfect secret to shedding off the extra pounds in just three weeks.

My Review About 21 Day Fix:

Hi, I am Chris. Check out my Intro on Front Page, I gained almost 15 kgs due to my accident. I was looked with a bullied eye and was criticized by friends and family. I switched to size XL in just months and was anxious. My friends suggested that I should quit freelancing and start the job which involves the physical activity. The decision was tough for me. One day I was doing my regular freelancing work when I stumbled upon the 21-day fix program. The program is great and has shown the useful results in minimum time.

I have lost 2 kg’s in just 21 days and later on I lose fourkgs in just two months. The only choice I have is to select the healthy options instead of junk food. The features of the program are fantastic. I must recommend the program to all people who are striving hard to lose weight.


How 21 Day Fix Meal Plan Works?:

Before starting with the plan, it is good to understand how the plan works. It is based on seven containers and a shaker bottle. The containers and bottle will be available to you in the base kit. The containers are in different size and colors. Each colored container is fixed with some calories which you will intake.

21 day fix diet plan

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Find out about the containers below for the better understanding.

• Purple

The purple container is for fruits and is the largest container. This container will help you to fulfill your needs by providing the essential nutrients to your body. You have to fill it up with any of your favorite fruit. It is best if you make the mixed salad. The grapes, apples, strawberries, kiwi, peach, watermelon and melon are the optimal fruits which you can intake. Enjoy eating fruits.

• Green

The second largest container is Green. It needs to be filled with fresh and green vegetables. You can make the vegetable salad. Cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, and various other vegetables are the best choice.


• Red

Red is the next choice which you can make to fill it with protein. The guidebook contains many options which you can add in your container. This includes egg whites, minced meat, chicken, fish and variety of protein meals.

• Yellow

The yellow container is confined for the carbohydrates. Carbs are also important for the body. They provide energy to the cells and keeps you active and fit. You have to fill the container with the good carbs just as sweet potato and wheat oats.

• Blue

The blue container needs to be filled with the healthy fats. Healthy fats keep you fresh, and your skin hydrated. You will remain energized for the whole day by consuming the healthy fats. Be wise while making the right selection to fill the blue container.

• Orange containers

There will be two orange containers which will act as the snacks for you. You can either fill it up with the salad dressing or can fill it up with nuts.


Essential Tips For The Meals:

As the 21 days Fix program helps you to do the portion control and make the healthy or adequate choices while selecting the meal. It is great to understand that what would be the right intake amount and which foods are beneficial for the body to maintain the weight. It will also encourage the weight loss in a healthy manner. Your body will reverse all the changes made due to the unhealthy choices. The following are the tips which you must consider.

  • Add the foods which are high in nutrients and fill up your appetite by providing you energy. It will help you to make the optimal choice
  • Carbs are not easy to digest so take carbs in the morning. They will fill you up for the whole day.
  • Stay consistent with the plan. Just do not lose hope. Eliminate the stress from your 21 days fix meal plan. The results you will get at the end surely worth the effort you make.

So place the order now and enjoy the weight loss process. Fill up the containers and have a meal in appropriate portion.